Neighbors 2: Soriety Rising R 1hr 32min



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This film brings us another comedy sequel. I have always been a firm beleiver in the fact that you can’t make a sequel to just any movie. And I add that the first film I had to watch a few times to really start to like it. Because the same actors are back which is always a good thing, and that they play their characters very well I agree with making a sequel.

Well Mac and Kelly are back, and this time they are trying to sell their house and getting out the neighborhood. They have thirty days to convince the buyers to buy, when Morgan (Chloe grace Moretz) and the rest of Kappa Nu move in next door. After helping the girls get under the skin of Mac and Kelly, Teddy (Zac Efron)  is betrayed by Kappa Nu and is forced to team up with the old couple to end the soriety. And the girls end up harder to get rid of than the boys.

Efron really impresses me with his comedy yet again and Moretz brings the heat again and has really come into her own as an actress. Seth Rogan and Rose Byrne reprise their roles brilliantly andto me make the sequel better and funnier than the first film. besides Mac and Kelly’s friends (Ike Barinholtz and Carlo Gallo) being hideous to look at and delivering horrible acting, the rest of film is must see for a good laugh. Three out of five popcorn bags.

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Captain America Civil War



captainamerica        Well who would of thought the Avengers would split up? I guess everyone who is smart did. Everyone has ego’s especially super heroes. And we all knew that Captain America ( Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) never really saw eye to eye. But the whole group splitting up? besides the ego’s only one thing could make this reality-the government.

And that’s just what happened. After the events of the Avengers individually and collectively, the government is forced to step in and try to control what the group does. After realizing innocent people have died Stark has a change of heart and decides to sign a treaty and work for the government. Captain doesn’t quite agree and the Avengers are split and left to choose sides..

This along with his old friend Bucky (Sabastian Stan) now being wanted for murder, leaves the group divided and Captain America left to go find his childhood friend because he believes there is still good. The chase leads us to Africa Wherewe are introduced To the Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) who plays the role perfectely.

So the group is divided over the government treaty and the search for the Winter Soldier which leaves to an epic and I mean epic battle. Something you only thought you would see on a video game. The whole cast  delivers uncanny performances but Downeys, Evans, and Bosemans really stick out. This really is a not just a super hero movie for the ages but a movie in general. Non-stop adventure from start to finish with a great cast plot gives this movie four and a half popcorn bags.

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The Jungle Book

jungle book

      Here comes another animated classic brought to life by Disney.  Considering that most of the characters in this story are animals, I was very skeptical about how even Disney could bring this to real life. And after seeing the film my answer was very clear, in only Disney could of succeeded in doing this venture and stay true  to  its animated roots but even more so to Rudyard Kipling’s timeless classic novel.

   We all know the tale of Mowgli (Neel Sethi) who  was left an orphan because of Shere Khan (Idris Elba) and raised by a pack of wolves and educated in the laws of the jungle by a no nonsense panther named Bagheera (Ben Kingsley). All grown up and forced to leave the jungle and return to the man village, Mowgli aided by Bagheera set out on the adventure and are befriended by a silly bear named Baloo (Bill Murray)  They run into some problems consisting of a mind trancing snake  named Kaa (Scarlett Johansen) and a monkey king named Louie (Christopher Walken) while being hunted by Sheer Khan.  So we know the story but is the outcome the same.

     This timeless classic is well done, and the voices are casted well. My Questions and concerns about how this film  would be  brought to the big screen was definitely answered with array of cinematic genius. So I will never ever again doubt Walt Disney and its story telling.  I Would definitely gather up the family and head to the theater.( four out of five popcorn bags)

Rated PG (1hr 51min)

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Barber Shop: the Next Cut



Let me start just by saying I have  been a huge fan of Ice Cubes movies and music since I was a little kid. From the NWA music to movies like Boyz N Da Hood and Friday. The man is just a G, and in my opinion a very under rated actor. He does comedies, action films, and family friendly movies.

Which brings us to the long over due and much anticipated third installment of the Barbershop franchise. All same crew is back with some additions like Common and Nikki Minaj. I mean Nikki Minaj in some tight jeans is reason enough to see any film lol. She has a much bigger role than that in The Other Woman. I mean I don’t think Cube would put her in the film if he didn’t believe in her. But I was impressed with the way she delivered her dialogue and her comedic performance. Common was already proven and brings some good acting to the table.

Like I said Calvin and the whole crew are back. Calvin has since partnered up with  Angie (Regina Hall) and merged the barbershop with a hair salon because of some tough times. So the male bonding is now mixed with female clientele and gossip. Calvin is trying to raise his now teenage son in the gang oriented and violent streets which is what Chicago is now labeled. This forces Calvin to make some tough decisions about the shop. This plot along with a slew of great comedy makes the third installment just as good as the first two films. No staleness here even the long gap in between sine the last film. Go check this film out. Three and a half popcorn bags.

PG-13 (1 hr 52 min)

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The Huntsman Winter’s War




Snow White is one of the worlds most notable fairytales of all time. WE all know it was brought to the big screen a couple years ago with Snow White and The Huntsman with amore in depth look at the classic story. I myself was shocked about how good the film turned out, being brought from animation to the big screen. And now it returns with a second film with a even more detailed and in depth storied featured about the Huntsman( Chris Hemsworth) and Ravennas'( Charlize Thereon) background.

Ravenna betrays her sister Freya(Emily Blunt) Which leads Freya to head to the Northern Kingdom which she then raises what she calls huntsman to become her army. Freya discovers her power to freeze anything she touches with ice, labeling her the Ice Queen. Betrayed by love, she forbids any one in her Kingdom to fall in love. When Eric and Sara(Jessica Chastain) disobey the law, an outraged Ice Queen does whatever she can to put an end to it.

The film  jumps to years later, to a  war escalated to find Ravenna’s mirror which has disappeared from Snow Whites castle. Eric who is joined by a group of dwarfs set out to find the mirror before Freya does. This leads the group into many encounter including one from Eric’s past. Who will find the mirror first?  You find that out along with many plot twists  that make think what was real and not real from the first film. I recommend you  go and check this film out and discover even more of what you did not from this epic fairy tale.  (Four out of Five Popcorn Bags)

Rated PG-13 (1 hr 54 min)

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I have always been a huge fan of comic book movies that come to life on the big screen. Marvel has dominated this scene period. Yes, I know all the Batman and all except one Superman movie have been successful but nothing like the success of all the marvel movie like X-men, Spiderman,  The Avengers, Ironman, and now Dead pool. Whether DC or Marvel, I like to see the film stick to the roots of past films and most importantly the comics. Most do, some don’t and the only horrible comic films were Hell Boy and The Green Lantern.

I have this debate all the time but I think and believe that Michael Keaton was the best Batman and Jack was the best Joker. I just did not like Christian Bale as Batman and Heath was good as the Joker but not as good as Jack was. I guess the new breed and the old school will never agree. One thing everyone can agree on however is that Ben Affleck was simply horrible his first time as a super hero and quite frankly butchered my favorite comic book hero Daredevil. Which bring us to Superman .I was never a big fan of the first Superman films but in Man of Steel Henry Cavill simply embodied the role of Clark Kent and Kryptonian himself. So I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about Superman, my only worry was how Batman was going to be played by Ben Affleck.

So the story that brings these to caped crusaders together is the Bruce Wayne doesn’t see the Super man as a hero, but as some one who needs to be held accountable for his action and does not belong on earth with mankind. Clark Kent sees Batman as a vigilante and needs to be shutdown. In the mist of all this Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) wants to see the demise of both these outcasts and comes up with a tricky plot to do so. And when two men need settled down only one thin can do it?  Or come in and kick both their butt? A woman,  a Wonder Woman. Finally the Amazonian is brought to the cinematic screen and is delivered well by Gail Gadot ( Fast and Furious).

Ben Affleck shocked me and delivered an outstanding Batman performance. Way  to redeem your self sir. Cavill is once again solid and Gadot was Spectacular . Add that with good acting from Eisenberg, Amy Adams, and Jeremy Irons who reprises the role of Alfred and you got your self one of if not the best super hero movies of all time. So I would Definitely stop your Easter plans right now and go see this movie. So Five out of five popcorn bags=instant classic.


10 Cloverfield Lane (pg-13) 103 min


10 cloverfield     Here we go again with another end of the world movie type scenario. You would think that this sub plot would be getting old by now with all the movie like Hunger Games, the Divergent Series, and the Fifth Wave. But this story is a lot different then the aforementioned. And as the title suggests a sequel, it really doesn’t tie in to the first film.

This story starts off with Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) getting in a car and leaving a relationship behind. She gets in an accident and wakes up hurt, handcuffed, and locked in a room. what Michelle doesn’t know is that she is locked and sealed in a bunker owned by Howard (John Goodman) and that there has been an attack on earth. She also discovers that Emmett ( John Gallagher Jr.) is also in the bunker but is voluntarily. As days go on and After multiple escape attempts, Michelle is hit hard with the truth about Howard nd what really is going on outside those walls.

You see around five people in the entire movie, which usually would deter me away from the film. But a very strong acting performance from John Goodman and a story line that will keep you guessing from starts to finish really saves the film. This is the best that me personally has seen Goodman act. Winstead also delivers a good performance while Gallagher gives us the humor of the film. I’m very hard on these type of films because usually they are done wrong, but this story kind of intrigues me. This film is definitely worth the price of admission. Go and check it out.  (Three out of five popcorn bags)




Allegiant part 1 121 min (pg-13)


Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) and Tobias Eaton (Theo James) are back to leading the pack in this third installment of the Divergent series. The previous mentioned two along with Caleb (Ansel Elgort) Peter (Miles Teller), and Christina ( Zoe Kravitz) are on their way to see what’s outside the wall and who sent the message. With a war starting inside Chicago they are ready to leave quickly.

They  journey outside the wall and find out there are survivors and a whole new city ran by David (Jeff Daniels).The group especially Tris  learns the truth about Chicago and what really happened to the world. After a bunch of twists and a very stirring plot, a battle to save the city is launched. Who is David? What really happened to the world? And does Tris play a key role in it all? Unless you’ve read the books you’ll have to go see the movie to find out.

The third installment definitely picks up where the First two left off. Besides a few moments of romance between Tris and 4, the action and twists and turns are non-stop. The film has gotten a lot of mixed reviews and some say the end of the world plots are goin stale, but I disagree the plot keeps you interested and tuned in while revealing critical information .Cast is once again stellar, and in my opinion Miles Teller leads the way by being comical and a serious smart ass. I recommend seeing the third picture in this this riveting franchise.


London Has Fallen


(R) 140 Min.

This sequel picks up with Mike Banning(Gerard Butler) working for the President again (Aaron Eckhart). When the British Prime Minister passes away, all the world leaders go to London to pay their respect So Banning heads the security team and takes the president to London. Things get hectic when a group of terrorist are out to get revenge on the President.

Though a little slow period at the beginning, the film goes to non stop action the rest of the way. The plot of the film along with the first film is something I could see happening even though our government would never admit it. Getting back to the film, Eckhart and Butler reprise their roles very well and with non stop action and a good and foreseeable plot makes the sequel just as good as the first. I recommend going to see this film.

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deadpoolFirst off let me say that before this movie I didn’t know much about the Deadpool character. Also let me inform you if you don’t either, please don’t take your kids to this movie. This is not Spiderman, X-men, or the Avengers. This movie contains a lot of cursing, nudity and violence.

Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson, who we first saw in the X-men Wolverine Origins Movie but they portray him a lot different and better this time around. Wade is a former Special Forces operative turned mercenary who needs to survive so he turns to Ajax who instead of making him a hero transforms him into Deadpool. Wade now a mutant with super healing powers, is set on revenge and with help from a few X-Men and searches to destroy Ajax.

Ryan Reynolds does a much better job this time playing a super hero then he did playing Green Lantern. He just nailed the part pretty much. Deadpool turns out to be a great film and if you want to see if he gets his revenge, then go check this film out. Four out of five popcorn bags.


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