And we go another Fast and Furious movie. Some might say they drug out this franchise too long, and others are critical of it because there is no Paul walker, one of the main actors who carried the franchise. And the skeptics have the right to both of those opinions. I myself was wondering how it would do and if I wanted to see it with no Paul Walker. I’m a huge Dwayne Johnson fan so I decided to go and boy I made the right decision.

From the movie trailers we could see that Dom (Vin Diesel) betrays his family and goes rogue. I myself was wondering what can make Dom betray the thing he’s most loyal to. Well there is a damn good explanation, but you’ll have to go see the film to find out. No spoilers here!

Well Dom goes rogue and the team is assembled by Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) to take him down. Charlize Thereon is the diabolical woman who turns Dom on his family. And she is just strait evil and down right ruthless. She plays the hell out of the role.  The adventure takes you from New York all the way to icy Russia. From start to finish there is non stop action and adventure an a nice tribute Paul as well.

The movie and plot did well with out the absence of Paul Walker. I really believe this is the best film in the franchise. I highly recommend you and your friends go see this film. Its doing monstrous at the box office and you won’t  be disappointed.

Four and a half out of five popcorn bags

Now that’s entertainment…..