Image result for rogue one      In 2015 A Force Awakens was released and it reminded us all how great the galaxy is, and how much we were dying for more Star Wars films. And  It was a great film and was close to setting a box office all time record. We did think however, that there would be three films that coincided with themselves and followed the same story.

This turned out not to be true. Rogue one takes us back in time before the original Star Wars. So you will not se any of the characters from the Force Awakens except a cameo from Carrie fisher. It however focuses on the story of Galen Erso, the scientist who came up with the plans to build the death star and his daughter Jyn. Jyn who hasn’t seen her father since he was taken by the empire when she was a child, teams up with a spy, temple guardians, and the rebellion to set to steal the plans for the planet destroyer and find its weakness.

Felicity Jones gives a great performance as Jyn Erso and follows thru with another leading lady we can all love. Forest Whittaker leads the way from an exciting and talented supporting cast. All in All Rogue one may have jumped back to the beginning of the franchise but it does not disappoint. Non stop action and a lot of comedy from the droid K2so. If your a huge Star Wars fan like myself you must go and see this film, and if your like me you already have.    Four out of five popcorn bags.

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