Image result for moana      Well ill be the first one to tell you or admit that you are never too old to enjoy cartoons or animated films. They make you feel young again and remind you that there is still magic left in the world. Especially animated movies from the genius that is Disney.

This time they bring you Moana, starring the voices of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Nicole Scherzinger, and Auli’i Cravalho. Moana is a spirited girl who belives that there is more out there than the island she lives on. So Moana sets out on a quest to prove her self as a master wayfinder and help save her people when tragedy strikes. During her quest she meets Maui(the Rock) a famous demi god and they join forces to save the world. But will they? Go and find out for yourselves.

Disney once again delivers a masterpiece, and along with Frozen maybe the best animated film ever. A truly inspiring tale that pays tribute to Polynesian culture. A must see for the entire family. Salute to you Disney. Five out Five popcorn bags!!!

     Now that’s Entertainment!