ci      Dwayne the Rock Johnson is one of my all time favorite people and actors. The guy just has it all and has really transitioned from the wrestling world to becoming a respected actor. Now he teams up with one of the funniest people alive in Kevin Hart. I been waiting for this combo and here it is.

Dwayne Johnson plays Bob Stone, a ex high school student who was constantly bullied turned C.I.A. agent who goes back to his high school reunion to find Calvin (Hart), the only man who ever befriended him. Bob needs Calvin and his accounting skills to help him save a compromised U.S. satellite system. The former classmates encounter shootouts and double crosses in route to finding their friendship.

This action-comedy did not disappoint and is one of the best films so far this year. Hart and Johnson have a dynamic chemistry and both delivered excellent performances.  A great plot and great casting leaves this film a must see. (four out of five popcorn bags)