The Legend of Tarzan comes to the big screen once again, and this time bigger and better than ever. And with a solid well known cast and better special effects. Alexander Skarsgard (Tarzan)  puts in his best performance of his acting career and plays Tarzan to the tee .Margot Robbie ( Jane) just keeps surprising me and is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses to watch. Once again Sam Jackson puts in a solid supporting role and Christopher Waltz plays a great villain.

The story takes place well after Tarzan met Jane and left Africa to go back to England. A plot from Leon Rom to hand Tarzan over to an old enemy in exchange for diamonds lures the couple back to the Congo. Through Flashbacks we learn the story of Tarzan and Jane to keep us familiar and up to speed. To stop the evil villain and save Jane, Tarzan must get some help from so old friends, meaning Gorillas and tribesmen..A  great story with great acting and special effects make this Tarzan a must see. ( four in a half out of five popcorn bags)