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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back!  The turtles were first introduced to us in the 80’s in the comic book created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman, then in the late 80’s in what I believe still to this day is the greatest cartoon  the world has ever seen. They quickly became a world wide phenomenon. I mean I still have about fifty  action figures of characters created from the cartoon. I still play with them from time to time,  laugh out loud! The first two original movies are still to this day both in my all time favorites. And now, here we are nearly three decades later  they are still going strong.

When it came to the 2014 film, I admit I was skeptical because the film was based  from the nickelodeon cartoon which I felt wasn’t good at all because nothing was better than the first cartoon or movies. Well it shocked me sitting in the theater  watching  it and seeing all these younger people react to not really knowing how much the Ninja Turtles mean to people my age. The film also proved me wrong because I absolutely loved it from the rip. So I couldn’t wait for the second film.

And here it is. The fearsome foursome are back this time a year later after defeating the Shredder and saving New York. They still didn’t take credit for what they did instead giving it to Vernon who now has the key to the city. But after the shredder escapes from custody, with help from the famous scientist Baxter Stockman ( Tyler Perry)  he is summoned by an intergalactic warlord Known as Krang, creates his own mutants known as Bebop and Rocksteady. Set to unleash a portal to bring Krang and his war machine the -Techno Drome to earth, again run into a battle with our green friends with a little help from Casey Jones ( Stephen Amell)  and Megan Fox reprising her role as April O’Neil.

Just like the original sequel this film is also better than the first which is very rare in the cinematic world. There is comedy, action, and non stop excitement from start to finish. I am so glad that they finally brought characters from the original comic book and cartoon to the big screen in Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter, and Krang. We already saw casey in the first original film. I recommend you take your entire family to see this film including your grandfather and yout pet turtle. I just saw the film yesterday and i’m thinking of going back today. Five out of Five Popcorn Bags. Instant classic.

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